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Armature is your marketing team

In art, an armature is a framework around which a sculpture is built. This framework provides structure and stability. It is an underlying, supporting component.

It's with this concept in mind that Armature Collective supports our clients.


We are a marketing, branding and design company based in Vancouver, Canada with a global perspective and the belief in the integration of work, life, and art.


Working with the best clients and partners


Want to start your brand journey?

Our Services

From concept through execution.

We love what you're doing and would love to work with you. 


More than just a logo.


Targeted strategy that gets results.


Bringing your brand to life, online.

Brand Workbook

Life and business are intimately intertwined. As a small business owner, you are the face of your business - YOU are the reason why your company is different. So when it comes to marketing and branding, your strategy needs to connect to and reflect who you are and how you uniquely see things.

Our Brand Workbook leads business owners through a reflective and strategic process, helping you find and articulate your purpose while developing a brand model for your company. 


Get access to a self-guided version of Armature's brand development process, for a fraction of the cost. 

Email to join the waitlist.

“We unhesitatingly recommended Armature to our colleagues, and have heard many positive comments about the materials and content they develop.”

Kate Fagan Taylor, Health Data Coalition

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